Application Modules

Kernel. Being the core of the system, this section contains the basic accounting structure, the customer database and the general system and user parameters.

  • System management: Through system management, you can maintain certain parameters that set the working principles of your institution so that you can design the control and work-flow accordingly as well as maintain standard variables parametrically.

  • Accounting: Users can maintain a chart of accounts in accordance with the working patterns of the institution, issue financial statements, access to account balances and movements as of desired dates. With this accounting structure, you can produce regulatory books, issue balance sheet and profit/loss account, and make rediscount/evaluation transactions. You can also maintain financial statements parametrically, and produce the desired financial statement in a flexible way.

  • Customer Database: Thanks to customer-centricity of Infact, it has become easier to continuously monitor and measure the performance of your client base on a global basis. With Infact, adopting required marketing activities takes less effort than before.

  • Security: You can maintain user access rights and differentiate authorizations such as transaction limits, reporting or execution rights.


Operations Module. Containing a diverse array of functions related to factoring transactions, this module streamlines and automates all of your operations.

  • Store and monitor client information

  • Make well-informed credit decisions through in-built credit decisioning workflow

  • Employ overall, account- and invoice-based credit limits for clients; overall and seller-based credit limits for debtors; overall credit limits for correspondents

  • Monitor and review limit and risk information of clients, debtors, and corresponding factors real time

  • Handle factoring agreements

  • Open, monitor, and report accounts of clients

  • Handle payments and collections

  • Produce invoices of interest, commission, and expense collections


Fund Management. Financial module of Infact™ helps you track your money and loan portfolio efficiently.

  • Handle money market and capital market transactions

  • Manage funds received either in local currency or foreign currency; due-date follow-up, funding cost etc.

  • Load daily market prices to evaluate portfolio

  • Make money transfers among bank accounts

  • Monitor your positions


General Ledger.

  • Monitor general ledger or journals according to time intervals

  • Print general ledger in internal and/or legal formats

  • Close the accounts at year end automatically


Cheques and Bills. Post-dated cheque is a quite common payment instrument in some emerging markets, including Turkey and Egypt. Cheques and Bills module streamlines cheque/bill processing operations and helps you manage your collateral portfolio safely.

  • Enter cheques and bills for collection or as collateral

  • Match cheques and bills with invoices

  • Update status of cheques and bills

  • Do average due date calculations

  • Follow up cash flow using maturity dates of cheques and bills

  • Upload cheques from any data source

  • Enjoy integration with cheque-reader devices


CRM. Customer loyalty which is indispensable for any business to prosper can be attained through an enhanced customer relationship and customer centric-view. Infact™’s specialized CRM module provides the tools and capabilities needed to create and easily maintain a clear picture of customers.

  • Maintain prospect’s information

  • Keep client visit notes, follow-up action items

  • Produce statistical reports related to prospects

  • Inquire financial reviews of your credit risk department

  • Prepare credit applications, approvals, and decisions

  • Handle preliminary correspondent factor limits

  • Get management reports to monitor budgeted versus realized number of clients wins, and client visits etc.


Credit Risk. In today’s extremely volatile markets, risk management has become a top priority for financial institutions. This requires a more thorough analysis of risks and deserves of technology investments. Infact™’s Credit Risk module helps you mitigate credit risks and keeps your investigation database up-to-date and reachable any time.

  • Store client’s financial data in a centralized source

  • Keep client investigation results

  • Make black list controls

  • Report limit, risk, and collaterals


Regulatory Reporting. Infact™ generates all required reports automatically to be sent to the regulatory bodies such as;

  • Banking Supervisory Board

  • Central Bank

  • Ministry of Finance


EDI Interface. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Interface enables communication among factor companies that are members of FCI (Factor Chain International). Infact™ users have been recognized repeatedly by FCI for excellent customer service. The system generates the standard messages and reports that help you

  • Streamline export/import factoring processes

  • Reduce operational burden

  • Minimize risks


WebInfact™. WebInfact™ is a Web portal designed for your customers to allow them to make queries and realize transactions with access rights defined at user level. Users may access to the system anywhere anytime.

  • Empower your customers to do basic transactions on their own

  • Reduce your operational burden and costs

  • Enhance your brand awareness