BIS’ lending solution portfolio encompasses unique and market leader applications that combine many years of experience and best practices.

Product diversity and speed to market

Customers demand a steady flow of new products. In all sub-segments of lending industry, organizations face more intense competition than ever before in local and global markets. In this environment, business success depends on the diversity of your product offering and the speed of your innovation. Innovative lending solutions are becoming the basis of ongoing success. It is essential that you deliver your target audience innovative products and services with easy access. 

Straight through processing

Today’s lenders need straight through processing that can help effectively manage their entire loan lifecycle from origination to settlement. Straight through processing and systems consolidation help lenders process and automate as many lending activities as possible, leading to reduced costs and improved efficiencies. An integrated platform provides increased visibility into business activities companywide.

Automated credit decisioning

Automated workflow processing and business rules enable lenders to significantly reduce loan origination cycle time. Transactions need to be efficiently channeled through different departments involved in the lending process, minimizing operational risks and processing costs per transaction. 

Cost efficiency

Profit margins are shrinking in the face of increased competition and volatility. The economic downturn shapes business landscape, pushing companies to focus on improving operational efficiencies to cut costs, diversify risk and improve transparency and control of their business. A common platform enables you to maximize operational efficiency and decrease costs.


Risk management

Effective risk management is a strong pillar of today’s lenders. Working on a single and fully integrated platform with real-time views of transactions and data empowers your organisation to mitigate risks across the board providing greater visibility into business activities.


Regulatory requirements

Today’s marketplace is challenged by a stringent focus on compliance. Regulations are impeding the flow of credit from lending institutions to businesses and consumers. In this environment, financial institutions require technology solutions which will help them manage compliance and risk across their entire organization.


Our clear strategic direction

BIS’ success in lending business is based on two key elements:

  • the clarity of our business strategy to become the number one lending solutions provider in Turkey and around MEA region, and 

  • the scalability and flexibility of our technologies.


BIS’ lending portfolio support a comprehensive range of products for banks and consumer finance, mortgage, and factoring companies. The range of our lending solutions includes:

  • Commercial loans

  • Consumer finance

  • Mortgage loans

  • Factoring

Partnering with BIS

The Lending Solutions Group draws on BIS’ long tradition of leadership in the lending industry – while expanding the integrated solutions and capabilities we deliver to clients. All of our solutions were developed by experienced professionals who understand your unique market needs. And our wide range of solutions is to meet clients' business strategies and budget requirements in a perfect match.

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