Application Modules

Kernel. Being the core of the system, this section contains the basic accounting structure, the customer database and the general system and user parameters. 

  • System management: Through system management, you can maintain certain parameters that set the working principles of your institution so that you can design the control and work-flow accordingly as well as maintain standard variables parametrically. 

  • Accounting: Users can maintain a chart of accounts in accordance with the working patterns of the institution, issue financial statements, access to account balances and movements as of desired dates. With this accounting structure, you can produce regulatory books, issue balance sheet and profit/loss account, and make rediscount/evaluation transactions. You can also maintain financial statements parametrically, and produce the desired financial statement in a flexible way.

  • Customer Database: Thanks to customer-centricity of Winbank, it has become easier to continuously monitor and measure the performance of your client base on a global basis. With Winbank, adopting required marketing activities takes less effort than before.

  • Security: You can maintain user access rights and differentiate authorizations such as transaction limits, reporting or execution rights.


Current Accounts. Encompassing all the applications related to deposits, this section has a structure which allows for performing all inter-branch transactions online. Deposit related functions which are carried out by cashiers and back-office employees are performed based on a "work flow" logic. This section incorporates control and alert functions on the basis of transaction types, operating by using the parameters and definitions referred in the Kernel section of the system.

  • Perform cash, cheque, remittance and EFT transactions 

  • Make foreign currency cash transactions (purchase/sale) 

  • Make international remittances 

  • Process foreign currency cheque collection/purchase 

  • Process Foreign currency cheque drawing 

  • Transfer transactions 

  • Perform teller vault reconciliation 


Cheques and Bills. This is a module consisting of programs used to make transactions on cheques and bills received from customers for collection of proceeds or as collateral of loans. The Cheques and Bills module supports a full integration with the Loans Module.

  • Enter payrolls

  • Send/receive cheques to/from clearing house 

  • Receive clearing results 

  • Return cheques

  • Perform cheque payments 

  • Integrate with cheque reader devices 

  • Process foreign currency cheques

  • Control blacklists


Retail Loans. The Retail Loans module covers the loan applications, utilisation, approvals and loan repayment functions.

  • Prepare various options through installment plan scenarios

  • Employ effective risk management by checking blacklists

  • Automate loan application, approval and disbursement processes

  • Make installment payments

  • Close credits and create accounting slips automatically

  • Get detailed reports and continuously monitor your enterprise’s risks


Corporate Loans. The Corporate Loans module consists of loan applications, contract and collateral management, approvals, utilisation, loan repayment and transfer transactions.

  • Allocate loan limits according to various types of corporate credits

  • Define branch limits

  • Manage credit agreements

  • Manage primary and secondary collaterals

  • Automate all loan cycle from approval to repayment processes

  • Handle letter of guarantees 

  • Process Exim, spot, revolving and overnight credits

  • Perform an effective risk management with enhanced visibility through many detailed reports


Import. Through the Import module you can follow up and report the import file data, perform provision, documentation, policy, transfer, value increase/decrease and file closure transactions and legislation controls related to imports.

  • File opening 

  • Correspondent bank approval 

  • Document handling 

  • Transfer 

  • Draft handling 

  • Expenses and commissions 

Export. The Export module enables you to follow up and report the export file data, to make export payments, file closure transactions and legislation controls.

  • File opening 

  • Customs declaration entry 

  • Document handling 

  • Payment 

  • Expenses and commissions 


Treasury. Designed for money market and foreign exchange transactions, the Treasury module contains real-time position follow-up for the dealing room, dealer and correspondent limits follow-up, back-office confirmation and transfer to records, position and dealer profitability reporting, and cash flow reporting. Following the entry of the deal, the position is updated and the accounting entries are done following the confirmation.

  • Foreign rurrency buy and sell 

  • Arbitration/netting 

  • Foreign exchange/effective (cash) transactions 

  • Placements and deposits (money market) 

  • Compulsory foreign exchange carryover 

  • Transfer between bank accounts 


Fixed Income. Designed for fixed income securities transactions, the Fixed Income module covers purchase/sale and repo transactions made by means of various instruments (e.g. treasury bills, government bonds, income sharing notes, wholesale price index, consumer price index) in the securities markets. Unit cost and funded costs of stocks can be monitored separately or proportionally. The announcements of the Istanbul Stock Exchange and the Central Bank related to the transactions can be monitored and reported at a certain range of dates.

  • Treasury bills and government bonds 

  • Repos and reverse repos

  • Optional repos

  • Commission based customer deals 

  • Multi level portfolio and stock management 

  • Pricing for branches 

  • Monitoring cost of stocks, P&L calculation

  • Assignment of stocks to repos 

  • Automatic recovery for cost calculations


Regulatory Reports. Winbank is fully compliant with Turkish market regulations. With a parametric structurethe system can flexibly produce mandatory reports that are sent to regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Treasury, the Central Bank, and the Capital Market Board. It can produce 150 of around 170 statutory reports by means of the in-built reporting tool.

  • Decrease manual processing and free up your staff

  • Create report templates with minimum modification effort

  • Get compliant quickly and focus on your core business


Webbank. Webbank, the Internet Banking Solution, allows the individual and corporate customers to use the home and office banking functions around the clock for 365 days a year. The customers can obtain banking services by connecting via the Internet or Extranet from their home or office. In addition to the customer number in the banking system, the customers are given a security code and password to access to the Internet banking module. Thanks to its flexible and scalable structure, the system provides comprehensive services to many customers simultaneously.

  • Empower your customers to perform transactions on their own

  • Reduce your operational burden and costs

  • Use the Internet as a supportive service channel


Retail Banking Applications.

  • ATM integration 

  • POS integration 

  • Credit card integration 

  • Credit cards

  • Credit cards – BankSoft Credit Card Package integration 

  • IVR integration 

  • On-line Turk Telekom transactions 



  • Social insurance premium collections 

  • Utility collections 

  • Tax collections 

  • School tuition installment collections 




  • Payment of staff salaries 

  • Credit card payments