BIS is a provider of industry-specific business solutions for financial, energy, and professional services companies.


Application Testing

You can take software test services from BIS, if you do not have relevant resources to test functionality, performance and security compliance of either internally developed application software or the ready made solutions purchased and implemented according your specific requirements. The value adds we provide in that matter;

  • To decrease the time elapsed for testing and to implement systems in considerable shorter time periods

  • To eliminate the risk of software bugs and performance problems which may be encountered in the production environment

  • To decrease the software testing cost


Process Design

Today, one of the critical issues to be seriously handled in software projects is to analyze well the business requirements which are becoming more and more complex and to use those requirements as the basis of the software solutions which will be newly developed or implemented. The unsuccessful software projects or wrongly selected software products due to insufficient analysis of business requirements cause the software projects to fail which in turn may create big financial losses, may cause valuable human resources to be allocated and may prevent the success of the company in competition. Business analysts with specific business expertise in the analyzed processes, with system analysis and design skills and with proven back record of success in such projects are needed in order to conduct a requirements analysis study. Companies may hire such resources themselves as well. But those resources may not be utilized after the completion of the project, moreover it sometimes is not easy to find and to keep such qualified resources. BIS guaranties to gather and to document the business requirements in the most proper way by providing professional experts during the analysis phase.


Functional Design

Besides gathering business requirements properly, another important subject in application software development is the functional design of the new application software. Functional design phase is initiated as soon as the analysis phase is completed in any software development project. The functional design document which is prepared at the end of functional design phase describes the feature of the application software to be developed, but it does not cover how such features to be implemented. Functional design document covers the following components for each function;

  • Purpose. The subject which the function aims to fulfill

  • Input. The types of the input, the format of each input, sources of the input and other features of each input

  • Process. The steps of the function, algorithms, formulas and the techniques to be used

  • Output. The required output with the format, users, volume and the period of the output


Functional design document covers system performance criteria, security and scalability requirements as well. BIS guarantees to deliver a proper functional design document with its expert team which is experienced in variable systems and business areas for years. Thus, companies insure the completion of the functional design cycle which is one the critical elements to have systems which meets the real business requirements in a risk free and successful manner.


IT Strategy Design

Our IT Strategy services help clients improve technology planning, development, maintenance operations. We help determine strategies for using information technology and then help turn these ideas into money - for you and your shareholders. Our team includes experts in strategic IT planning, IT-business alignment, IT cost reduction, IT portfolio management, applications rationalization, process globalization, and IT organization design. BIS approaches IT from a fact-based, business-driven point of view. We begin with the business strategy with the following goals: to reduce IT costs to a level that is lower than the industry average, to increase return on investments and to set up business and IT alignment. Our IT strategy team first analyzes business strategy of the company, existing IT infrastructure, IT organization, existing and future projects, and then prepares a master plan for IT in parallel with the business objectives of the company. Our recommendations are all based on making the company more competitive.

Infrastructure Design

IT related problems cause decrease in the level of productivity of a company as well as they reduce the level of customer satisfaction. One of the major reasons of such technology related problems is the IT architecture which has not been designed well. The professional staff of BIS with the experience in database management systems, operating systems and the communication technologies as well as the expertise in understanding the business requirements of the companies delivers infrastructure design services in parallel with the business strategies of the companies.


Integration and SOA Based Architecture Design

Today, more and more companies understand the need for a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Drawn primarily by the promise of interoperability in an increasingly global and heterogeneous business world, Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) allow firms to better align their business needs and IT infrastructure, lower development costs, encourage sharing of services, complete integration faster and build industry best practices. A service-oriented approach enables rapid assembly, shortens deployment time and reduces risk of failure so you can keep your organization more agile and profitable. SOA is the latest evolution in distributed computing.


BIS SOA Consulting Group

Whether a company is migrating application design practices and tools toward a style that creates shared, reusable and distributed services or building new SOA applications and solutions in an enterprise, BIS' SOA Consulting Group assists companies achieve their SOA goals. BIS' team of SOA Architects and Consultants can assist companies looking to expedite their SOA migration by successfully leveraging SOA technology solutions such as:

  • Microsoft Biztalk Server

  • Enterprise Service Bus

  • Web Services Enhancements

  • Composite Applications


SOA Architect Role

With a strong understanding of the enterprise from a business perspective, BIS' SOA Architects will assist any staff in developing SOA principles and best practices that guide planning, development, integration and management of application infrastructures.