Application Modules

Employee Profile. Being one of the two core modules with Organizational Planning, Employee Profile enables you to have a complete picture of your people, providing detailed employee data. It automates the entire personnel lifecycle from placement to termination.

  • Create a human resources database across the organization

  • Maintain personnel and job related data

  • Handle employee data as changes occur (e.g. promotions, increases, transfers)

  • Manage leave operations

  • Monitor historical records (e.g. social security, seniority)

  • Maintain termination operations

  • Access reports of employee profiles and other employee data

  • Produce regulatory reports


Organizational Planning. ProStaff’s Organizational Planning module provides both matrix and multi-organizational hierarchies and allows for seeing organization units visually.

  • Create new organizational units easily with drag-and-drop functionality

  • Maintain distinct organizational hierarchies for different affiliates

  • Monitor headcounts for each business units

  • Get visually rich graphical organization charting


Job Analysis. Job Analysis helps you keep record of the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties in your organization.

  • Establish job relatedness of employment procedures

  • Maintain duties and skill requirements of a job

  • Hire best talents that fit perfectly with your entreprise roles


Recruitment Management. Designed to help reduce the time, effort and expense of hiring processes, Recruitment Management automates all your hiring processes. This module runs in integration with companies’ career sites as well as external hiring Web sites.

  • Post job descriptions and requirements online

  • Track job postings, filter eligible candidates

  • Enable applicants to create, review, and update resumes online

  • Keep candidates informed of their applicant status

  • Search your database for qualified individuals

  • Schedule interviews

  • Send correspondence

  • Send job offers online


Performance Management. As a central component of talent management, Performance Management module provides a comprehensive set of tools to support organizations in managing their evaluation processes and aligning employee goals with corporate strategy.

  • Produce performance forms with job targets, competencies, qualifications, criteria targets

  • Get independent goal card and competency appraisals and performance appraisal at the end of each term

  • Define sub-periods for goal card appraisals and competency appraisals independently

  • Make assessments through approval flows

  • View history of goal entry and all appraisal processes of HR personnel, line managers and employees


Career Planning. Effective succession planning is central to strategic HR to retain and develop top talent, and accelerate promotions from within. Through Career Planning you can build on talent management; plus you can construct effective succession plans, while providing employees with a concrete view of their career paths.

  • Minimize business disruptions when key positions are vacated

  • Track high-potential employees

  • Ensure you develop future leaders from within

  • Identify successors best fitted in vacant positions and make faster decisions


Compensation Management. Since workforce constitutes a great portion of operating costs, tailoring well analyzed and planned compensation programs is crucial. Compensation Management module helps you interpret your data, and hence make critical compensation planning decisions.

  • Maintain salary increase periods (for each of group companies if available)

  • Create compensation templates for employee groups along with various parameters

  • Implement templates chosen from alternative simulations

  • Inform line managers of your compensation plans through self-service and obtain their views

  • Transfer compensation data to your payroll system

  • Get historical salary data of your employees


Learning Management. To create a learning organization, you need to invest in learning programs to ensure your employees improve their knowledge base and capabilities constantly. ProStaff’s comprehensive Learning Management module allow you to align your learning initiatives with the overall objectives of the organization.

  • Create catalogs of courses for different groups and needs

  • Empower your employees choose from a pool of courses through self-service

  • Monitor learning costs constantly and ensure you are not overspending

  • Manage your training suppliers from a central suite

  • Integrate with third-party e-learning software

Resource Management. To get the most out of your employees, you need to have a clear picture of your resource situation and reduce the risk of lost profit. With ProStaff’s Resource Management, you can now plan your projects more effectively and assign resources more easily, ultimately increasing the number of hours spent on profitable activities.

  • Identify and flag your universal staff if employees work temporarily in different location or with any temporary project group

  • Track time sheets and workforce planning of universal staff

  • Create repository positions for universal staff

  • Construct a functional link on organizational hierarchy between repository position defined for universal staff and related senior-manager position


Self-Service Applications. ProStaff Self-Service screens help employees to take control of their personal information. In addition, they give HR personnel the managers access to key data about direct reports. By redirecting HR professionals to focus on strategic activities that support organizational objectives, this HR self-service tool can help HR significantly improve the bottom line. Avoid paperwork and improve workforce processes by equipping employees to:

  • Control personal and work information themselves

  • Submit timecards and leave requests, apply for job openings, and view all current compensation information.

  • Review and approve timecards and requests for leave.

  • Modify compensation, view performance history, view emergency contacts


Workforce Analytics Dashboard. Gathering and integrating relevant and specific human capital data provides the insight and foresight to make critical business decisions with confidence.

  • Integrate data to obtain a holistic view of the work force

  • Optimize the workforce and improve productivity

  • Proactively respond to chang¬ing workforce demographics and trends.