Logictix enables organizations to minimize paper-based processes that touch their people, and thus boost productivity and lower logictics costs.

Going Paperless


Today, with the advent of computers and software solutions, many organizations dream to create “paperless” workplaces. Organizations of any sizes seem to be overwhelmed by piles of paper and clunky old file folders. “Going paperless” can help you save money, boost productivity, share information easier and minimize environmental damage.

Eliminating Paper via Automation


The primary way to go paperless is to make use of a system or set of systems that work entirely online and without the need to print paper, and automate paper-based processes that rely on forms and applications to capture and share data.

Paperless Office Delivered


BIS’ Enterprise Applications product Logictix, is an innovative software application that streamlines companies’ food card, service vehicles, fleet management, telecommunication, audit management and corporate property management-operations. With Logictix, you can move your paper-based processes to a whole new level and thus dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort required to manage your most important asset–your people. The system;

  • Consists of independent modules backed by a single source of data

  • Has in-built workflow to enable process automation

  • Works in integration with companies’ inhouse developed or 3rd party systems (such as HRMS, accounting, etc.)

  • Enables management processes of general personnel services more effectively at lower costs


Smart organizations know that less paper is just the beginning of the payoff. The most apparent impact of a move to a paperless office is the reduction in the cost of printing, mailing, shipping and storing paper. People spend less time looking for paper lost in the clutter. This way, they free up their personnel to focus on more strategic tasks.