Application Modules

1. Corporate Property Management


An application, for institutions operating in retail or other sectors with more than one store or branch. All real estates owned or leased by the organization can be defined in details; contracts, payments and renewals can be followed up . You can also manage technical service and maintenance processes. The application allows to define necessary inventory and stock tracking for service/maintenance processes.

Basic Functions

  • Property Management System​

    • Within the product you can track tax and inflation rates. Thus , all payment transactions can be followed up accurately. There is also alarm systems for document tracking, leasing, sales and contracts

  • The product has been developed in order to manage the properties owned/under control of entities, for sale or rental, in the scope of: pursuit in full detail of properties, raising new agreements and running the properties in line with the agreements

  • Building and Real Estate Tracking in Details

    • The application allows to monitor building in details like floor, room, independent section etc. Usage and size of each section can be entered in details and these areas can be monitored the floor - room hierarchy

  • Opening, Closing, Moving and Renovation Activities

    • You can manage activities like opening , closing, adding new places and renovation processes

  • Lease Contracts Management and Payment Tracking

    • The application provides to manage lease contracts. Firstly, type of inflation index is selected and defined to the system due its agreement type. Secondly, all rental payments of properties owned by the company are automatically reflected to the system in predefined time intervals including the inflation increases again predefined by the company

    • Rent increase rate ,depending on main and sub parameters which are introduced to the system, can be formulazed as desired

    • Receivables which are not paid or collected because of judicial process can be calculated backwardly

    • Service unit or monthly basis rent simulation can be done. With its dynamic and easy screens, necessary parameters for rent simulation can be easily entered by users.

  • Acquisition Goods Advertisement and Sales Tracking

    • You can manage tender and sales process for acquisition goods which is temporarily owned by organizations. Thanks to integration with internet sales platforms within the organization , proposals received through the internet for selling acquisition good off can be evaluated.

    • With the evaluation process follow up , status checks and preventive alerts , you can response to bidder through the system or track document/ payment follow up after sales decision or sales process.

    • Profit/ loss or potential profit calculations can easily be done through the system

  • Paper and Document Tracking

    • With the KEY editor application within the product , correspondance and contract printouts which are expected to be taken as Word format can be created automatically.

    • Users can easily create templates and the document which is introduced to the system once can be automatically taken.

    • KEY Editor automatically fills the necessary fields for uploaded document . For instance , after entering lease process information, “Lease Contract” can be automatically prepared as defined before and you can take the printout whenever you want.


2. Administrative Affairs Management


Personnel Meal Ticket Management

Food Card Management module of Logictix provides control of costs and operational efficiency by automating processes of personnel food card management in large scale and multi-location companies.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management module, developed for companies with huge vehicle fleets, empowers you to manage all vehicles of your company more efficiently and cost-effectively from a single source of data. You can manage vehicle orders, track expenses, and update user data through this module.

Shuttle Management

Shuttle Management module enables execution of personnel service vehicles provided by companies, minimizing operational mistakes and taking costs under control.