Proven Technology, Secure Choice

In today’s market standards, to keep up the competition and to gain its share in the market, companies need both to increase the quality of their customer relationship and to differentiate their product range. Confin, will be the ultimate solution to these type of your needs by the huge advantage gained by its flexible structure.

Consumer finance companies, relatively need to put more effort to reach their consumers when compared to their competitors which operates with multiple branches. Confin being able to work entegrated with multiple systems (Banks, Credit Bureau, ODC, etc) enables consumer finance companies to turn this situation into an advantage for themselves.

BIS’ long-time experience in financial business, positions Confin as the most comprehensive product in Turkey amongst the mortgage and vehicle financing solutions.

Confin, being a web based module allows extension of it’s functionality; the software has an in-built work-flow which streamlines business processes. Some of the most important advantages Confin offers are as follows:

  • Increased quality and speed in the customer services

  • High productivity with minimum input and maximum output of information

  • A variety of payment methods for the product types can be offered

  • Credit paybacks, due to the banking integration structure are easily collected

  • Full compliance for regulatory requirements

  • The management information and decision-making support


You can easily adapt each of the core applications to bring a new dimension of efficiency and flexibility to your company. With proven scalable technology of Confin enables you to expand your business and enter new growth areas with confidence. You can deploy Confin solution in a stepwise manner to address specific business challenges on their own timelines and without costly upgrades.


Easy Adaptability

Because financial services industry continuously strives to develop new offerings and deepen the customer loyalty, it is essential that you adapt quickly and easily to the changing marketing conditions. Considering these needs of the sector, Confin has been designed in an extremely flexible structure. For this reason, the system:

  • is easy to use

  • is flexible

  • takes shorter time for additional development

  • is compatible with the external world (e.g. other third-party applications, desktop applications)

  • can integrate with special interfaces to meet specific requirements of institutions


The software gives you the unique ability to perform essential end-to-end business processes with modular applications that are designed to work with each other. In addition to reporting and analytics functions for all your lines of business, you get a robust technology environment for designing, composing, and adapting business processes that meet the specific needs of your company.

Market Knowledge in Credit Decisioning

In today’s conditions, to survive and keep the profit stabilized has become much more difficult than before. Under these circumstances, while evaluating the credit requests, there is a need to minimize risks and collect the most information possible regarding the financial situations of your potential customers in the market.

Confin, reduces the operational and credit risks by sharing information both individual and institutional wise with the Credit Bureau (KKB) which is one of the most important players in the information pool.

Risk Tracking System

In today’s unpredictable markets, the tracking process is as important as minimizing the risk in granting credit. Confin ables you to follow up the credits that have been granted from the first day of their delay. The risk tracking system ables you to detect the problemed credits early, and as a result of this the collection speed and proportion rises.


Robust Accounting Infrastructure

Confin’s ability to perform clearing, settling, posting and accounting transactions reliably frees you to concentrate on the growth and profitability of your business. After account booking, authorizations represent your first line of defense against excessive risk. The combination of parameter-based criteria in addition to real-time calculations in our core solution, enables you to take a full picture of lending business. Posting flexibilities support transaction-based pricing required by customers. Automatic reconciliations and settlements combined with general ledger journal entries improve the efficiency of your internal accounting functions. Core application within Confin supports processes for accounting, payments, collections, marketing, contract management, invoice management, finance and many others.