Application Modules

Planning Track your training planning through the system. Create your own training catalogue. Work integrated with providers, trainers and accommodation centers. Find automatically a staff to be trained at appropriate time and plan accurately.

  • Customizing the Self Service Rules

  • Batch Planning

  • Planning Simulation

  • Transportation and Accommodation

  • Regional HR Support

  • Trainers, Training center, Equipment Availability Status

  • On the Job Training Planning

  • Mentoring and Coaching Planning

  • E-learning Integration


Budget Manage your training budget periodically.Observe your progress instantly with comparative planned/actual budget reports and take early action . Automatic accounting for your expenses through the system.

  • Creating Annual / Periodic Budget Data

  • Budget Simulation

  • Budget Performance

    • Planned/ Actual Budget Report

    • Comparative Budget Reports Based on Periods


Survey Send mandatory evaluation surveys after every training and get instant feedback. Increase your efficiency by sending surveys to your external trainers, too.

  • Flexible Survey Template

  • Creating Customizable Surveys Other Than Trainings

  • Survey Association Based on Training or Classroom

  • Rule Based Survey Openings

  • Mandatory Survey

  • Tracking Survey Processes

  • Analyzing Survey Results


Exam Create your corporate question bank and arrange online/printed exams to measure the participant’s knowledge level

  • Dynamic Question Bank

  • Question Versioning

  • Question differentiation based on job title

  • Association Based on Training or Classroom

  • Online or Printed Exam

  • Instant exam tracking

  • Integration with Optical Reader

  • Comparison reports based on questions


Self Service Increase participation by providing access to employees for many functions of the training process . Accelerate the process with notifications and mobile support for pending approvals

  • Training Card

  • Calendar Follow Up

  • In Catalogue training requests

  • Participant Confirmation Processes

  • Out of Catalogue Training Requests

  • Claiming Certificate/Exam Fees

  • Training Documents/Certificate

  • Participant/Trainer Surveys

  • Online Exam

  • Mobile/Tablet Support