Application Modules

Kernel. Being the core of the system, this section contains the basic accounting structure, the customer database and the general system and user parameters.

  • System management: Through system management, you can maintain certain parameters that set the working principles of your institution so that you can design the control and work-flow accordingly as well as maintain standard variables parametrically.

  • Accounting: Users can maintain a chart of accounts in accordance with the working patterns of the institution, issue financial statements, access to account balances and movements as of desired dates. With this accounting structure, you can produce regulatory books, issue balance sheet and profit/loss account, and make rediscount/evaluation transactions. You can also maintain financial statements parametrically, and produce the desired financial statement in a flexible way.

  • Security: You can maintain user access rights and differentiate authorizations such as transaction limits, reporting or execution rights.


General Ledger.

  • Monitor general ledger or journals according to time intervals

  • Print general ledger in internal and/or legal formats

  • Close the accounts at year end automatically


Regulatory Reports. Generates all required reports automatically to be sent to the regulatory bodies.

  • Banking Supervisory Board

  • Central Bank

  • Ministry of Finance


Notification and Integration. In today’s conditions, to survive and keep the profit stabilized has become much more difficult than before. Under these circumstances, while evaluating the credit requests, there is a need to minimize risks and collect the most information possible regarding the financial situations of your potential customers in the market. Confin, enables you to know your potential customer before any risks are realized, by sharing information both individual and corporate wise with the Credit Bureau (KKB) which is one of the most important regulatory body in the information pool. Besides this, preparing a debt folder for the bank everyday and making sure that the realized payments are being transfered to the accounts have become automatic with the bank integration, consequently this feature helps consumer finance companies reduce their operational costs.

Risk Tracking System. In the credit granting process, as well as potential client investigation, the tracking of the live credits is also very important. With the Risk Tracking System (RTS) Module it is possible to take very fast action regarding any possible bad debts by early notification feature before they are realized, and control client’s repayment routines.