Capital Markets

BIS mixes sophisticated trader tools, risk management, accounting, compliance and real-time trade processing to help brokerage houses improve time to market, increase straight through processing and cut costs.


Meeting the Challenge

A new capital markets landscape emerges. Market data volumes are ever increasing. How valuable a millisecond is in terms of trade execution speeds is a widespread discussion. This environment places tremendous pressure on brokerage companies to make fast and intelligent trading decisions at lower costs per transaction.

Competition is becoming ever more intense with globalisation, expansion of international investment banks into emerging markets and an explosion of new investment vehicles. Financial institutions are seeking to increase their market share by offering a broad range of products and services with greater convenience. 

Financial services companies are challenged to increase revenue and profitability, and at the same time they strive to maximize IT investments and reduce total cost of ownership. Meanwhile they are pressured to do more with less and improve transparency for risk, comply with regulatory requirements and embrace business intelligence which are hot topics in the current economy.

Processing Higher Volumes

Institutions that survive and prosper in today's financial environment will be those that can more quickly manage higher data volumes, more easily address greater data complexity, and more productively execute challenging data analysis. All of these challenges in data and analytics management drive the need for greater computing power and information insight within brokerage houses. 

Maintaining Competitive Edge 

Underlying technologies are the key to promoting the efficiencies that help to beat these unique challenges. Brokerage houses need to implement flexible trading platforms that have the ability to scale quickly in response to wilder market volatility. Comprehensive technology platforms will position asset managers to response quickly to the changing demands of investors looking for higher returns. Implementing scalable, low-latency and straight-through trading solutions will also allow them to perform cost-effective trade execution, which will impact overall investment returns for clients.

Consolidating DataTo see a full picture of operations, companies need to consolidate disparate systems and associate manual workflows into a single, automated solution. They prefer to run on single platforms to accelerate trade comparison, reconciliation, clearance and settlement.

The companies that operate in capital markets are increasingly focused on the technology platforms that support them. They want to differentiate by providing more holistic and superior customer service, and their success in the volatile markets depends on their flexible, scalable and low-cost platform that provides a rich user experience and accelerated customer service with split-second timing, and minimised risk.

Partnering with BIS

Rapid, cost-effective innovation in capital markets requires highly skilled technologists with deep industry knowledge. We provide solutions for a wide range of capital markets domains including brokerage, trading, derivative trading, custody, treasury and post-trade processing.

Working with the world's leading financial institutions for 15 years we have built an in-depth industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by every single customer. This extensive experience enables BIS Capital Markets Group to develop the right solutions for clients businesses and maintain them through dedicated support services.

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