Organizations are about people and so are projects. BIS is a project-driven company. Our each and every day presents new and exciting challenges that demand creative solutions. We are deeply committed to our clients and believe that their success is highly dependent on the success of our solutions or services we deliver for them. 

Since its inception, BIS has benefited from the skills and commitment of its exceptional people. Today, as always, we seek the best talent to build on our 15-year success story. In return, BIS employees enjoy a supportive environment, outstanding opportunities for professional growth, and a chance to help BIS provide innovative solutions for businesses.

At BIS we aim to grow with our ethical, entrepreneurial, creative, and collaborative employees. To attract top talents and retain existing employees, we are attaching the utmost importance to our people. We offer a competitive reward package to attract top talent and enhance the commitment of existing employees. In line with our vision, we proactively seek and consider employee feedback and expectations and continuously develop approaches that strengthen commitment, motivation and improve retention. 

Most of our managers are promoted from within. Your career and professional development at BIS is entirely up to you. If you are passionate about software and changing the way business runs, just as much as we are, we want to hear from you.

Performance Management

We conduct performance appraisal reviews regularly twice a year, focusing on business targets as well as personal development goals. The reviews are aimed at assessing how engaged the individuals are, and how well they do, in fulfilling their assigned tasks, responsibilities and goals. 

In the hiring process At BIS, a candidate is expected to demonstrate competency in the following key areas:


Individual Skills

  • Integrity and trust

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Client focus

  • Personal learning and development


Organizational Skills

  • Organizational ability

  • Leadership

  • Communication skills

  • Team player


Strategic Skills

  • Functional/technical skills

  • Dealing with ambiguity

  • Problem solving

  • Strategic agility

  • Drive for results

Protecting Client Privacy

We believe that our success is built on trust and are strictly committed to protecting our clients’ information. We sign Non-disclosure Aggrements with both our clients and employees to ensure the privacy of client data. BIS does not review, share, distribute, or reference any customer data. Records of customer data may be viewed or accessed only for the purpose of resolving a problem, support issues, or suspected violation of the BIS Software Licence Agreement, or as may be required by law.


BIS'de Çalışmak

BIS’teki çalışma klasik 9:00-18:00 mesaisi değildir. Aslında yaptığımız iş oldukça zorlu ve talepkardır. Fakat aynı zamanda ödüllendiricidir, çünkü uluslararası firmaların hayati önem taşıyan projelerinde çalışacak; zeka, inovasyon ve liderliğin değer gördüğü ve ödüllendirildiği bir ortamda birçok kişisel ve profesyonel gelişim fırsatları bulursunuz. 

BIS’te esnekliği yücelten, rahat bir atmosfer bulacaksınız. Bu esneklik, üretkenliği arttırmakta, inovasyonu tetiklemekte ve ekipleri kaynaştırmaktadır. Size kendi kariyer yolunuzu çizebileceğiniz, başarılı olabileceğiniz ve çok değerli tecrübeler edinebileceğiniz bir iş ortamı sunuyoruz. Ve son olarak, aramıza yeni katılan arkadaşlarımızı asla kenarda tutmayız. Daha ilk günden önemli projelerde görev almanız çok muhtemeldir.

Biz dünya çapında bir oyuncu olmaya çalışıyoruz. Fakat şirketimizi yine de girişimci bir ruhla yönetiyoruz. Bunun bize avantaj sağlayan konulardan biri olduğunu düşünüyoruz. Eğer siz de üstün yetkinliklerle kendisini donatmak isteyen yüksek potansiyelli bir profesyonelseniz, gelin ve BIS’e katılın.

Why BIS?

If you are eager to learn project management first-hand and manage projects of all sizes, BIS truly provides the ideal workplace. In our team-oriented atmosphere, you’ll become an integral part of the way leading enterprises do business. BIS is truly a place where you’ll put your imagination to work. We offer our employees challenging, rewarding careers in dynamic businesses.

BIS offers careers that combine the independence of working in a small entrepreneurial environment with the world-class project management methodologies. We take good care of our people. We rely on them to make wise choices. We trust them to do the right thing and to do it well. We give them the credit they deserve when they succeed. 

We offer our employees many benefits, including:

  • Health and life insurance

  • Free soft drinks every day

  • Mobile phone and GSM line, depending on position

  • Business credit card, depending on position

  • Lunch ticket

  • Trips, company dinners, and happy hour parties held occasionally